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Esoteric Wellness

"If you want to make healthier choices and live a healthier, happier life overall, Esoteric Wellness may be the support you need to find success on your journey to wellness."

                                                                                                ~ Terrica Woolridge


I’ve taught Health and Physical Education for over ten years. As an active member of the profession, I’ve witnessed first-hand the amazing instruction received by students all over the state of Virginia. During my practice, I became frustrated with the rising childhood obesity rates in my city, state, and across the nation. I began to think deeply and critically about the root cause, in search of a solution. I quickly realized that, although students receive proper nutrition and lifelong fitness instruction in school, there continues to be a lack of resources in the community. This lack of resources makes it difficult for families and individuals to apply what is learned in the classroom, decreasing their ability to make choices that will benefit their overall health.


Esoteric Wellness was created to bridge the gap. Esoteric Wellness aims to provide education and tangible resources to children, individuals, and families to improve the health, wellness, and quality of life of everyone in the community. Everyone deserves the chance to lead a healthy and happy life, and Esoteric Wellness is on a mission to make this a reality. Through prevention education, healthy cooking instruction, tips for shopping on a budget, fitness instruction, and other natural health information and resources, Esoteric Wellness will be a source of encouragement and knowledge towards positive, lifelong change and health equity in our communities.

Esoteric Wellness

Terrica is a devoted and passionate teacher, mother, and friend who tries to find the good in every situation. She loves to help others improve the overall quality of their lives. She does so by listening and providing advice, support, and tangible resources specific to individual needs. She won’t call herself a healer, as she believes that your body will heal on its own when given the proper conditions. She also won’t call herself an expert, as she consistently seeks ways to expand her knowledge. Terrica became interested in natural health and wellness techniques when trying to heal personal ailments and prevent the diseases and conditions that seemed to run in her family. She gained much success while using these natural remedies and quickly began to help others improve their lives as well. She is constantly researching ways to live better and promotes cleaner eating, exercise, financial stability, and spiritual connection during her daily life and practice as a teacher, trainer, mentor, wellness advocate, and consultant. Terrica truly cares about those around her and is always willing to listen and help others, all with a smile. Terrica’s goal is to create a Wellness Center where individuals and families can come to learn, grow, and heal naturally and esoterically, at no charge.


Esoteric Wellness aims to improve the quality of life for individuals and families that may lack the information and/or resources. The mission of Esoteric Wellness is to assist the community in managing their overall health by providing education, support, and resources.



Esoteric Wellness will be a virtual Center that utilizes a holistic approach, with a team of caring individuals that empower, educate, and provide individuals and families with the tools necessary to live healthy and happy lives.

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